10 Iconic BTOB Moments: 10 Years With BTOB



Time flies, only yesterday BTOB were passionate rookies making their mark on the K-pop scene. They’re now 10-year industry veterans with many iconic moments occurring during their careers. For their 10th anniversary, here are 10 Iconic BTOB moments

1. Sungjae and The Watermelon

In their earlier days as rookies, BTOB did a series of video diaries for SBS MTV. These were vlog-style and featured the members recording their everyday lives. One particular diary consisted of the maknae, Sungjae, attempting to break a watermelon with his forehead. He tried and tried until he finally got a dent in it. He was ecstatic at his accomplishment and ran to show it off to the other members. Fast forward a few years and Sungjae while attending Weekly Idol showcased his perfected technique and split a watermelon in one headbutt. The maknae may have practiced off-camera for a long time in order to achieve this feat.



2. The Plastic Wrap Game

On the topic of Weekly Idol, BTOB has a history of iconic moments on the show, f. From their random dance plays to their interview segments. A stand-out moment for the group on the show goes to when they played the plastic wrap game. The object of the game is to rip your head through a frame lined with plastic food wrap. The faces they made while trying to break through are some of the most hilarious faces you’ll ever see.

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3. Eunkwang and his Ugly Dance

Here’s another iconic Weekly Idol moment. In this instance, however, the spotlight goes to the leader Eunkwang. When placed front and center in a random dance-off, Eunkwang popped off in the most Eunkwang way possible and displayed why BTOB are comedy kings. He danced like no one was watching.



4. Changsub and Hani Scare Each Other

For a segment of MBC show Socializing Camp EXID member Hani and Chbagsub were seated in front of a plate of food and instructed to eat. Unbeknownst to them, they were separated by a sliding wall. The two began to eat and talk to themselves about the food and without a warning, the wall was pulled back. The two jumped out of shock and broke into laughter after the shock wore off. The faces the two made were so funny they both broke into laughter because of it. This moment has become one of the most hilarious moments in K-pop.

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5. Iconic Red Carpet Group Photos

Everyone knows that one needs to look their best on a red carpet. The groups are styled from head to toe to look amazing. The cameras flash and every one poses. BTOB, however, takes it to the next level. From recreating iconic paintings to creating a clock. BTOB takes their group photos seriously and comes up with creative ways to spice them up. They are always a delight when Award show season comes around. Everyone looks forward to what pose they’ll come up with each time.

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6. The Original Gwiyomi


Everyone Is familiar with the Gwiyomi Challenge. For those who aren’t, it consists of someone doing cute acts while Gwiyomi by Hari plays I’m the background. Former member Ilhoon filmed himself doing this and posted it online for fans and the rest is history. The video went viral and it became a variety show staple back in 2013. No idol could escape doing the challenge and posting it online for fans. BTOB really stepped up the aegyo (애교) game.

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7. BTOB Covering Backdoor


Now for a more recent moment. For the sequel show Kingdom: Legendary War BTOB remade a song by Stray Kids. They took the song Backdoor and made it their own. They turned the high-energy, EDM dance number into a smooth electronic rock number. The song showcased the group’s vocal prowess as well as the group’s rappers. The performance was filmed to look like it took one shot and looked amazing. This cover showcased the true talents of BTOB and showed that despite their age they still got it.

Source: Mnet K-POP


8. The Bbyu Couple


A staple of the 3rd generation of K-pop was what new couple would be born through the show We Got Married. From previous iconic couples such as CNBlue’s Yonghwa and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun. A new couple was cast, consisting of the maknae Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy. On the show, the two members acted as a couple, went out on dates and did couple-like things. Their natural chemistry led to fans shipping them and their love for the fictitious couple. To this day people still ship them. And now a moment of silence for the Bbyu Couple shippers. Their boat has sunk.

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9. BTOB on America’s Next Top Model

In 2014 BTOB guest-starred on the hit reality TV show America’s Next Top Model. During the 21st cycle of the show, the finalist took a trip to South Korea. During their trip, not only did they meet BTOB but also performed with the group. It was a star-studded moment that every fan should watch at least once,

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10. Their Debut Stage

On March 21, 2012, BTOB (Born to Beat) debuted with their singles “Insane” and “Imagine” on M Countdown. The group debuted under Cube Entertainment and released their debut EP on April 3, 2012. The “Insane” music video was directed by Zanybros and showcased the group’s outstanding performance abilities. Their single peaked #95 on the Korean Gaon Charts and #74 on the Korean Hot 100 Chart. Not bad for rookies.

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