16 Underrated K-pop Boy Group covers of Girl Group songs.

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Boy groups have had a bad reputation when it comes to covering girl group songs. They were criticized either for belittling the choreography or turning the covers into a parody by mocking the feminine traits. However, that’s not the case for these boys. In no particular order, Here is a list of acts that took it to the next level by embracing both masculinity and femininity.

1. TO1 – Next Level

Original by Aespa

Formerly known as TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra), TO1 (TOgether as 1) is a 10-member boy group. Their cover captures the essence of the original both vocal-wise and choreography-wise, while also adding the group’s own flavor to the song. They showcased their masculinity while staying true to the feminine traits of the choreography.

Some highlights of the performance are:

· Kyungho and Chan’s hardcore rap combined with their smooth moves

· Kyungho, Donggeon, and Jaeyun’s amazing vocals during the breaks

· The immaculate sound effects. Ooh ooh wee, huh!

More from TO1: I Can’t Stop Me by Twice


2. WEi – Monster

Original by Seulgi & Irene of Red Velvet


Having recently debuted in 2020, WEi is a boy group consisting of one of the most talented artists of the 4th generation. You may be familiar with the names Kim Yohan or Kim Donghan since they were ex-members of the disbanded K-pop groups X1 and JBJ respectively.


Without further ado, let me share some highlights from the cover with you:

· Yohan’s “I’m a little monster” line

· Seokhwa’s “But monster lives forever” line

· Passionate vocals combined with top-tier dancing

· The Halloween spirit reflected through the makeup

More from Wei: I Can’t Stop Me by Twice


3. OnlyOneOf – Rollin’

Original by Brave Girls

Making their debut in 2019, OnlyOneOf have already marked their place as one of the unique K-pop groups of all-time, highly deserving of their name. Currently a six-member group, OnlyOneOf offer a different sound and concept to their listeners.


The highlights are:

· The special song arrangement

· Smooth vocals and choreography

· Sensual vibes doubled by the happiness that the group radiates

· The reference to the choreography of their song “libidO”

mOre from OnlyOneOf: Dolphin by Oh My Girl


4. A.C.E – Feel Special

Original by Twice

A.C.E (Adventure Calling Emotions) is a 5-member group that debuted in 2017. Up until now, they have shown a different side of themselves with each comeback. From youthful to traditional concepts, hardcore choreographies to stand-still ballads, they have proved themselves to be among all-rounder idols, just like their name suggests.

Some of the highlights are:

· The special R&B arrangement

· The silky vocals and the harmony

· Wow’s rapping

· The boys just having fun

More from A.C.E: Twice Hits, How You Like That by Blackpink, Gotta Go by Chungha


5. ONEUS – Starry Night

Original by Mamamoo

A 6-member group that debuted in 2019, ONEUS pays homage to their senior labelmates Mamamoo with their cover. They are one of those groups that always add their touch to whatever they do, and this cover is no exception.

Here are some of the highlights:

· The lower pitch and the guitar tone’s nostalgic effect

· Valkyrie vibes felt through the suits and Leedo’s rap lines

· Xion’s heavenly vocals during the pre-chorus

· ONEUS’s special touch on the choreography


More from ONEUS: ONEUS covering girl groups & soloists, Lalalay by Woong


6. MCND – Oh My God & Dalla Dalla

Originals by (G)-IDLE & ITZY

MCND (Music Creates New Dream) is a 5-member group that debuted in 2020. They have shown energetic and youthful concepts with sharp choreographies up until now. These two covers just go to prove this, as well as show their diversity as artists. For these covers, I will not be giving any highlights as I would like you to enjoy the performance as a whole.

More from MCND: Rollin’ by Brave Girls, Tell Me by Wonder Girls


7. BTOB – You’re the Best

Original by MAMAMOO

Currently consisting of 6 members, BTOB is a legendary group that has managed to stay together even after 10 years since the group’s debut in 2012. Famous for their vocals, they pay tribute to their female counterparts.

Who could have better sang a Mamamoo song than the vocal kings themselves?

More from BTOB: Something by Boys’ Day



Original by Fin.K.L

Consisting of 7 members, MIRAE officially debuted in 2021. Since then, they have shown different sides of themselves through their covers. This one is no exception. They pay homage to the senior idol group Fin.K.L by covering their 2000 hit, “Now”.

The highlight is the performance itself. Hope you enjoy it!

More from MIRAE: MIRAE dancing to K-pop groups


9. The Boyz – The Boys

Original by Girls’ Generation

An 11-member group, The Boyz debuted in 2017. They have shown different concepts in just 5 years. From the most youthful concepts to the darkest concepts, they have proved themselves to be one of the best groups of the 4th generation.

Here are some highlights from the cover:

· The reference to their name

· The energy, the synergy felt through the screen

· The fact that they did not change the pronouns

· Special The Boyz touch on the choreography

More from The Boyz: The Boyz dancing to girl group songs



Original by ITZY

Debuting in 2020, the 9-member group DKB is a group of many charms. They are especially famous for their sharp moves and laid-back vibes. Sit back and enjoy the performance!

More from DKB: More & More by Twice, Snapping by Chungha, Stay Tonight by Chungha


11. Infinite – Tell Me & Gee

Original songs by Wonder Girls & Girls’ Generation

The legendary 6-member group, Infinite is a group that is famous both for their vocals and their dancing. 12 years after their debut in 2010, they still hold the title.

This cover is a bit nostalgic, considering the year that it was performed, 2010.

More from Infinite: Troublemaker, Coming of Age Ceremony


12. BAE173 – Savage

Original by Aespa

Having just debuted in 2020, BAE173 (Before Anyone Else) is a 9-member group that has proven themselves to be among the monster rookies.

More from BAE173: Black Mamba by Aespa, Wannabe by Itzy, Cry For Me by Twice


13. ONEWE – Egotistic

Original by Mamamoo

The band was originally known as MAS 0094, making their debut in 2015. However, in 2019, they re-debuted with the name ONEWE under RBW Entertainment. This cover pays tribute to their senior labelmate Mamamoo.

The instruments sound perfect. Besides, the contrast of emotions that the vocals portray is beyond amazing. I suggest you give it a listen!

More from ONEWE: HIP by Mamamoo, Dolphin by Oh My Girl, Twit by Hwasa


14. Pentagon – Savage

Original by Aespa

Pentagon, currently a 9-member group, debuted in 2016. They have proved to be one of the most versatile groups, especially through their covers.

One of their latest covers, Savage blends in perfectly with the hard rock instrumental, the aggressive rap, doubled with the heavenly vocals.

Spoiler!! Jinho’s head voice gives a satisfactory ending to the song.

More from Pentagon: Not Shy by ITZY, Gotta Go by Chungha


15. Han Seungwoo – Psycho

Original by Red Velvet

Originally debuting with his group Victon in 2016, Han Seungwoo debuted as a solo artist in 2020. You may also remember him from the survival show Produce X 101, where he won 3rd place and became a member of the now-disbanded group X1.

Some highlights of this cover are:

· He owns the song

· Nails the song both vocal-wise and rap-wise

· Sings the famous whistle note with ease

· Sings Seulgi’s bridge line with power

More from Han Seungwoo: Breathe by Lee Hi


16. A.C.E – How You Like That

Original by Blackpink

Let’s end this article on a good note, with chill vibes all over the place.


Honorable Mentions


Jooheon & Kihyun from Monsta X | Aespa – Next Level

Hwi from Newkidd | BLACKPINK – How You Like That

VIXX | Girls’ Generation – I Got A Boy

Kim Jaehwan | Oh My Girl – Dolphin

Hui from Pentagon | ITZY – Dalla Dalla

Jeong Sewoon | Twice – Feel Special

Leedo from ONEUS | 2NE1 – Missing You

South Club | Aespa – Next Level

SF9 | Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run

N.Flying | Taeyeon – I


Hope you enjoyed these underrated girl group covers by boy groups. Comment your favorite cover below!


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