Song Jia Returns to Instagram After a Four Month Hiatus

Song Jia is Back!

On June 2, Song Jia, known as “Free Zia,” posted for the first time since taking an indefinite hiatus from social media.

Fans of the “Single’s Inferno” star were excited to see her back after she deleted all her social media posts in January of this year. The sudden hiatus was a response to the amount of hate the influencer received due to a counterfeit designer scandal.

Song Jia- CREDIT: Singles Inferno on Netflix

Song Jia is a fashion and beauty influencer that grew in international popularity after appearing on the Netflix reality show “Single’s Inferno.” Jia soon became a fan favorite because of her “expensive girl” persona.

She was often seen rocking Chanel and other high-fashion pieces. Jia’s rich girl persona contrast with her sweet personality won the hearts of millions. After the show, she began appearing on variety shows like “Knowing Bros” and things were looking up for the starlet.

This all changed when netizens grew suspicious of the quality of certain items Jia wore in “Single’s Inferno,” and posted on social media. Netizens began to investigate and found out that some of Jia’s items were counterfeit.

The influencer was met with backlash that quickly got out of hand. Rumors about her family began to spread and anyone that was associated with the star received online harassment.


CREDIT: Dispatch Korea

Song Jia posted her apology on Instagram and YouTube. Despite this, hate only escalated, leading the influencer to delete all of her posts. The scandal reached closure when Dispatch conducted its own investigation and exclusive interview with the star.

Since the scandal, fans weren’t given an official update on Jia but were unofficially informed of the good work she was doing in her community.

Song Jia- CREDIT: Free Zia on YouTube

On March 8, the Korean Red Cross reported that Jia donated KRW 20 million to victims of a forest fire in Gangwon and Gyeongsangbuk-do.

She was also spotted volunteering in kitchens around Seoul Station, serving lower-income and homeless people. Netizens praised Jia for her selflessness and service.

After almost 5 months, Jia posted for the first time since the controversy.

The Instagram post was captioned:

“Thanks to your concern and support, I’m healthy and everyone is doing well, right?”

Her post was met with uplifting comments from fans who longed for her comeback.

Some might wonder if this marks Jia’s official comeback, or if it’s going to take a bit more time before she feels comfortable posting and making appearances again. Whatever the case is, we can all agree we’re glad she’s okay.


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