A Night of Old Korean Classics: Hop On the K-Nostalgia Train Episode 1

Welcome to our Hot Young Bloods Restaurant!



Just like the name suggests, the playlist is composed of songs reminiscent of the OST for the 2014 movie, Hot Young Bloods. The movie is a free ride to much simpler times, though the characters all have their own complexities. Definitely worth a watch!

Here in the Hot Young Bloods Restaurant, you can unwind after a long day and enjoy delicious Korean food and drinks. To accompany you along the night, I’ve prepared a special playlist. Enjoy!


송창식 (Song Chang-Sik) – 비의 나그네 (Wanderer in the Rain)

The night begins. You make an order. The rain starts pouring. You hear this song playing: A man’s tender and mellow voice crying out the notes of love.


From Song Chang-Sik‘s 1983 compilation album “Song Chang-Sik 16”, “Wanderer in the Rain” tells the story of a man and a woman who can’t be together. The rain follows her wherever she goes, and she follows the rain whenever she goes.

“님이 오시나 보다
My love is coming, it seems
밤비 내리는 소리
The sound of the night rain falling
님 발자욱 소리
The sound of my love’s footsteps
밤비 내리는 소리
The sound of the night rain falling”


김정미 (Kim Jung-Mi) – 봄 (Spring)


The rain slows down. Your order is ready. You have your soup, rice, main dish, and side dishes on your table. Just when you are about to start eating, this song begins to play and the memory of a warm spring day comes to your mind.


From Kim Jung-Mi‘s iconic 1968 album “Now”, “Spring” is one of the most special songs ever sung. The album is a milestone in Korean rock history with its folk-psychedelic rock sound, courtesy of the Korean rock king Shin Joong Hyun‘s musicianship.

The song gives off the feeling of wandering through the greens peacefully, mind empty, just observing nature as it is. You are young, free, and have so many days ahead of you.

“나도 같이 떠가는 내 몸이여
My body which floats along with me
저 산 넘어 넘어서 간다네.”
Passes through that mountain and leaves.”


샌드페블즈 (Sandpebbles) – 나 어떡해 (What Should I Do)

You start eating after a 5-minute session of reminiscing the good old times. You wonder what you’re going to do now that they’re all just memories.

Winning the grand prize at the 1st MBC Daejejeon in 1977, a singing contest held until 2005, “What Should I Do” is one of the most defining Korean pop songs of its decade. Formed by Seoul National University students, Sand Pebbles is one of the most influential Korean rock groups of all time.

Kim Chang-hoon, who wrote and composed the song, was also a member of an all-brothers band called Sanullim, which was also another influential Korean rock band.

“나 어떡해 너 갑자기 가버리면
What do I do if you drift away from me suddenly
나 어떡해 너를 잃고 살아갈까
What do I do how can I keep on living if I lose you
나 어떡해 나를 두고 떠나가면
What do I do if you leave me behind and go away
그건 안 돼 정말 안 돼 가지 말아
You can’t do that, I mean that, don’t go away”


산울림 (Sanullim) – 너의 의미 (Meaning of You)

You start drinking soju. The sweet taste gets you drunk little by little. You feel happy.

Released in 1984, “Meaning of You” has deeply influenced the Korean music industry. Throughout their career, they had many hits, all of which left a mark on the Korean rock scene. Having been covered by numerous artists throughout the years, none surpassed the original’s impact.

Sanullim is a band formed by three brothers Kim Chang-wan, Kim Chang-hoon, and Kim Chang-Ik. Debuting in 1977, they proved themselves to be among the most influential Korean rock bands.

“너의 그 한마디 말도 그 웃음도
A word of yours, that smile of yours
나에겐 커다란 의미”
They mean a lot to me”


015B, Jane Jang – Camellia (동백꽃)

By the night’s end, you’re drunk and happily dancing to this song

015B is a rock duo that debuted in 1990 and went on to become one of South Korea’s most popular acts. The group consists of brothers Jeong Seok-won and Jang Ho-il. 015B has a “guest singer system,” which means that they’ve never had a permanent lead vocalist. And for this song, they chose Jane Jang as their vocalist.

Jane Jang is a versatile singer-songwriter who sings in various genres such as neo-soul, ballad, folk, and alternative rock. She became well known after she finished third in the South Korean reality television series Superstar K2 in 2010.


“이해 비련해 보일래
I understand it is a tragic love
거리를 나가 더 해
Further your distance more and more
비를 맞고 씻어내야지 오 널
I should get myself soaked up in the rain and wipe you away”




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